RUSA Division and Section 2013 Slate of Nominees

We are excited to announce the RUSA Division and Section slate of nominees standing for election in 2013. They are:

Joseph Thompson, RUSA Vice-President
Denise Ann Forro, RUSA Vice-President
Steve Alleman, RUSA Director-At-Large
Agnes Widder, RUSA Director-At-Large
Louise Mort Feldmann, RUSA Director-At-Large
Margaret Ellingson, RUSA Director-At-Large
Erin Rushton, RUSA Secretary
Anthony Lin, RUSA Secretary

Todd Hines, BRASS Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Peter Mckay, BRASS Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Chad Boeninger, BRASS Member-At-Large
Elizabeth Malafi, BRASS Member-At-Large

Joseph Yue, CODES Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
Deborah Abston, CODES Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
Kate Kosturski, CODES Member-At-Large
Ed Kownslar, CODES Member-At-Large
Yem Fong, CODES Member-At-Large

Jenny L. Presnell, HS Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Nancy Bunker, HS Member-At-Large
Nick Wyant, HS Member-At-Large
Helene Lafrance, HS Secretary
Jennifer Dorner, HS Secretary

Donna Scanlon, MARS Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
Stephanie Graves, MARS Vice-Chair/Chair Elect
Matt Torrence, MARS Member-At-Large
Amy Fry, MARS Member-At-Large

Peter Collins, RSS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Qiana Johnson, RSS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Elizabeth (Betsy) Park, RSS Member-At-Large
Don Boozer, RSS Member-At-Large

Christina Baich, STARS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Tom Bruno, STARS Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect
Jennifer DeVito, STARS Member-At-Large
Megan Gaffney, STARS Member-At-Large
Krista Higham, STARS Member-At-Large
Martha Yancy, STARS Member-At-Large

A heartfelt thank you to all above who are standing for election and donating their valuable time!

Susan Hornung
Executive Director, RUSA


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