#nameRUSA: Give Us Your Feedback!


RUSA members represent a wide variety of interests and professional activities, including readers’ advisory, interlibrary loan, genealogy, user experience and all kinds of library public services.  Many of us once identified as reference librarians, but recognize that our membership is changing in addition to our professional roles. We find ourselves wondering how best to brand ourselves and the services we provide.

Our association name is important and we need your help.  We want to make sure that our association continues to support and represent our members’ needs and interests, while also speaking to potential members.  We want to also encourage participation from non-members.

Please join us and participate in a lively conversation about the future of RUSA.

You can help by doing the following:

Friday events @ALA Orlando:

  • Learn more at RUSA 101 on Friday, 3-4 pm, Hilton Orlando, Room Florida Ballroom 1-2

Saturday events @ALA Orlando:

  • Come and share your views on Saturday 8:30-10 am at the Hilton-Bayhill 30 room
  • Join us at the Network Uncommons on Saturday 10:30 – 11 am (next to the ALA Membership Pavillon)

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