RUSA Election Results 2014!

Reference and User Services Association (RUSA)
Vice-President/President-Elect – Liane Taylor
Director-At-Large (three-year term) – Danise G. Hoover and Stephanie Atkins Sharpe

Business Reference and Services Section (BRASS)
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect – Paul J. Brothers
Secretary (two-year term) – Adele L. Barsh
Member-At-Large (three-year term) – Patricia Kenly

Collection Development and Evaluation Section (CODES)
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect – Edward Kownslar
Member-At-Large (two-year term) – Joseph Patrick Wall and Charlene Rue
Secretary (two-year term) – Alec Sonsteby

History Section (HS)
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect – David Murray
Member-At-Large (three-year term) – Chella Vaidyanathan

Emerging Technologies in Reference Section (MARS)
Vice-Chair/Chair –Elect – Donna Scanlon
Secretary (two-year term) – Chanitra Bishop
Member-At-Large (three-year term) – Matt Torrence

Reference Services Section (RSS)
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect – Crystal Lentz
Secretary (two-year term) – Tom Reinsfelder
Member-At-Large (three-year term) – Cathay Keough

Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section (STARS)
Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect – Tom Bruno
Secretary (two-year term) – Collette Gurley Mak
Member-At-Large (three-year term) – Tess Gibson

Thank you to all candidates!


We are excited to announce the RUSA Division and Section slate of nominees standing for election in 2014.

They are:

Anne   Beaubien                   
Liane Taylor               

Danise G. Hoover
Stephanie Atkins Sharpe   
William A. McHugh              

Julia A. Martin                       
J. Paul Brothers                     

Arguello, Natasha              
Barsh, Adele L.                           

Dewland, Jason C.                 
Kenly, Patricia E.

Kownslar, Edward                 
Yue, Joseph                              

Wall, Patrick Joseph            
Rue, Charlene                          
Cobb, Jannie R.                      
Crosser, Cynthia                    

Ferree, Curtis                        
Sonsteby, Alec                      

Murray, David C.                 
Wilke, Mary I.                       

Kitchens, Joel D.                    
Vaidyanathan, Chella           
Lupkin, Joshua M.                        

Coleman, Jason Matthew  
Scanlon, Donna                      

Bishop, Chanitra                    

Houlson, Van                         
Torrence, Matt                             

Lentz, Crystal M.                   
Boozer, Donald E.                 

Reinsfelder, Tom                   

Keough, Cathay                    
Yue, Joseph                            

McHone-Chase, Sarah M.  
Christenson, Troy Alan      
Bruno, Tom                             

Moskal, Robin Barnard     
Mak, Collette Gurley          
Clausen, Beth                         

Gibson, Tess                           
Highham, Krista L.               

A heartfelt thank you to all above who are standing for election and donating their valuable time!

Susan Hornung

Executive Director, RUSA

RUSA 2014 elections slate of candidates

The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) announces the following individuals as candidates for the 2014 elections:

Liane Luckman Taylor,  Continuing Resources Librarian, Texas State University

Anne Beaubien,  Director, MLibrary Document Delivery & Grants Officer, University of Michigan

Danise Hoover,  Associate Librarian for Public Services, Hunter College

Stephanie Atkins Sharpe, Head of Access Services, Washington University

William McHugh,  Reference Collection Management Librarian, Northwestern University

Janalyn L. Moss, American History Librarian, University of Iowa

Good luck, candidates!

Librarian by day, backup for Gorbachev by night: Q&A with Barry Trott

Over the next several weeks we will be highlighting members of RUSA’s Board of Directors. Take a minute and get to know our fantastic leaders!

Meet Barry, RUSA Ex-Officio member. He’s a lean, mean, guitar/banjo/mandolin/-playing machine! If you’d like to reach Barry and discuss RUSA and/or bluegrass, you may reach him at the email address listed at the end of this post.

Barry Trott
Digital Services Director
Williamsburg (VA) Regional Library
Editor, Reference and User Services Quarterly (RUSQ)

Barry Trott
Barry Trott

What are you currently reading or listening to?
Re-reading Fred Chappell’s Brighten the Corner Where You Are; Listening to John Reischman’s Walk Along John.

What is the most interesting “reference” question you’ve ever been asked? (reference in quotes to allow for some flexibility in answering the question)
For me it is always the next question to come along. One thing I love about reference work in the public library is the wide variety of fascinating questions that come along over the course of a day on the desk. Everything that you read or learn about will at some point be useful to you in responding to a user query.

Tell us about your current role at your library, and maybe a little bit about your career path, too.
I have worked as a reference librarian, readers’ services librarian, and Adult Services Director before coming to my current role. Now, I coordinate library-wide projects dealing with the intersection of people and technology, including social media, library website, digital collections from ebooks to magazines to databases, and digital marketing tools. And I oversee Technical Services. Before going to library school, I worked for 12 years as a musician, and prior to that got my BA in Biology, so a typical reference librarian career.

Describe a particularly rewarding experience in your library career.
Being involved in RUSA has been one of the most rewarding things for me. I have been able to meet and work with librarians from all sort of libraries–public, academic, special, and school–and have learned a lot from all of them. That would not have been possible without RUSA.

Give one fun fact about yourself—can be personal or professional.
I have played music for and shaken hands with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Any hobbies?
Music, woodworking.

Why did you join RUSA (and/or sections)?
To have the chance to meet and work with other librarians who are passionate about what they do.

How has RUSA helped you in your career?
Membership in RUSA has given me great ideas, a place to share concerns and new thoughts on the profession, and introduced me to many folks who I count not only as colleagues but as friends.

What are some of the RUSA activities you’ve participated in?
CODES Readers’ advisory committee, several award committees, CODES Board, RUSA Board, RUSA President, RUSQ Editor, RUSA membership committee.

If you’re open to having RUSA members connecting with you directly, provide an e-mail address and/or phone number where they can reach you.
I am happy to talk to RUSA members, email at