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Leighann Wood Mar 20 2017
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2017 Nominees

Jennifer Cross Mar 8 2017
Sara Paretsky
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Sara Paretsky slated as featured speaker of Andrew Carnegie Medals Ceremony

Leighann Wood Mar 15 2017
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Leighann Wood Mar 10 2017
Brian E. Coutts
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Brian E. Coutts named winner of RUSA's Isadore Gilbert Mudge Award

Leighann Wood Feb 28 2017

RUSA Asked: "What's the most memorable question you've received at the reference desk?"

You Replied:

A few years ago a woman came to the Research Center, asking if we had a spider identification book because she thought she had found a camel spider in her house. And in fact, she had it in a container in her pocket, alive(!) — would I like to see it? No, I would not care to see it, but thanks! Let me help you find a way to identify it!
My very first reference question – What is the extinction coefficient of L-phenylalanine?
Someone doing research for own human rights case (which she later won; it was major, made the news, etc)
Had someone ask me where to buy a swim cap and yoga clothes.
Can I ask a girl for her number in the library?
How do you help a dog give birth? My dog’s in the car and is about to have her puppies.
This one was a multi-day question: I’m an engineering librarian and an engineering student asked for help finding a 1957 research report on exponentially weighted moving averages. It was cited (both in our student’s example and in various other places) as published but no library seemed to have a copy. After searching over a few days, I suddenly realized that the report’s author, though not at our institution at the time the work was written, had later joined the university and was a long-time faculty member in the business college. He responded to my e-mail! He told me that, due to chance, the report did not get published but he had a copy! A talented member of our staff was able to type up an electronic copy of the paper, including the complex formulas, and the paper was published in the International Journal of Forecasting (this was 2004) so that it would be more widely available.
Could you look up this hotel in New York and tell me if you think that it looks snobby?
How can I file a report with the police department in Prague? Their website is in Czech, and I can’t read it.
What can you tell me about the 3D printing pen?