RUSA President’s Program 2015 – View it here!

View the RUSA Presidents Program with danah boyd! Access it here.

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Membership blog, RUSA Voices looking for bloggers!

The latest addition to RUSA is the new membership blog, “RUSA Voices“. We are looking for all RUSA and non-RUSA folks to contribute to share experiences, ideas and concerns with colleagues and fellow librarians.

A message from Editor David Midyette:

Writing a blog post can be simple. Your colleagues want to hear from you about your trials and tribulations, your successes and challenges, but mostly, they just want to hear what’s important to you in your professional lives. While RUSA is focused on reference and user services, that is still an incredibly broad category, and provides innumerable options for sharing of information. How is your transition to LibGuides 2.0 coming? What are your challenges in collecting quantitative and qualitative data to prove your worth? What new reference services are red hot topics? How are old concepts and techniques being applied in new and novel ways? Is Google still putting us out of business or is it just reshaping how we help people connect to information?

Still not convinced? Send me an email or give me a call! I’ll help you work through the process of putting fingers to keys. It really can be as simple as sitting down and typing out your string of consciousness about a topic. We can work from there to refine and shape your writing. Heck, it may be perfect the way it is! The point is that you have a Voice and it needs to be heard. You may think to yourself that you have nothing interesting or novel to say (I know I listened to my inner voice saying that for far too long), but in truth, you have a lot to say and it WILL interest people. While many of us live at the bleeding edge of technology, others bide their time and wait to see how these new technologies express themselves through patron usage. Twitter is an awesome tool, but it has changed immensely from the beginning. Think about what you do on a daily basis and simply report on some of the unique things, even if they seem mundane.

I love editing people’s writing and helping them shape their ideas. Send me something and let me help you get started. Write a blog post for RUSA Voices and put it in your resume. Posts can be more academic or more practical in orientation; it’s up to you and your interests. You don’t have to agonize over things, just get something down and send it in; we will go from there together . . . We will make sure that your colleagues hear your Voice and share what you have to say! I look forward to working with you, now sit down and write something!

David (
Editor, RUSA Voices

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RUSA Special Election

Dear RUSA Members,

RUSA will be holding a special election this summer to elect a new RUSA Vice President/President-Elect to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of incoming President Liane Taylor, and my move subsequently from Vice President to President. The nominating committee, chaired by RUSA past president Kathleen Kern, is working hard to identify and vet potential nominees for this election. In addition to the nominees, members may also petition to run for election. Please see the instructions here to create an e-petition; a template for a paper petition is here. 30 signatures of current RUSA members must be received by July 28, 2015, 5pm CT for a petition to be valid. The election is scheduled for early August; you’ll receive another message with more information before that time. If you have any questions, please direct them to RUSA Executive Director Susan Hornung, shornung at


Anne Houston

RUSA President


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BRASS 2016 Preconference: We want to hear from you!

The Chair of the BRASS Education Committee and the Preconference Planning Team invite you to take a short, 2-minute survey regarding what content YOU would like to see in the BRASS 2016 Preconference: “Business Data for Librarians.” The purpose of the survey is to help tailor the program to your interests. Participation is voluntary and open to all.

Survey Link:

Questions, comments, or concerns may be directed to Ashley E. Faulkner (, Chair, BRASS Education Committee.

Thank you in advance for your input!


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