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What is the purpose of the RUSA Blog?

This blog is a forum for ongoing discussion of issues relating to reference and user services in libraries.

How does the RUSA Blog differ from other communication channels within RUSA?

The strength of blog technology lies in its ability to promote dynamic interaction. It is a good communication channel for discussion of interesting or controversial ideas, and is especially useful in situation where feedback or suggestions are being sought. Discussions initiated at RUSA conference programs or discussion groups can be continued online though this blog.

What other kinds of communication channels are available through RUSA?

RUSA-L, as well as section listservs such as MARS-L, RSS-L, and STARS-L, are good channels for announcements and other informational postings. Committees that wish to conduct work online, such sharing and commenting on documents, can use RUSA’s Online Communities. RUSA also maintains other Internet-based communications technologies, such as Wikis, for member use. Contact Chris Cieslak for advice on selecting a technology appropriate to your task.

Posting Policy

We reserve the right to delete articles and comments. We also reserve the right to edit comments with contributors’ cooperation.

Posting Guidelines

We suggest reading the following guidelines to ensure that your effort at conversation with this community is not wasted.

Do Post:

  • Messages that are civil and professional in tone
  • Succinct, to-the-point updates on topics likely to be of interest to the RUSA community
  • Opinions on current topics relevant to public services librarians in both public and academic libraries

Don’t Post:

  • Excessively long posts
  • Inappropriate photos or language
  • Inappropriately slanderous, belligerent, or mean-spirited content
  • Commercial advertisements
  • Responses in the form of a blog post to a specific individual not of interest to RUSA membership at large
  • Topics irrelevant to the RUSA community
  • Messages that could present legal problems for RUSA or its members
  • Messages of inconsequential or non-substantive content
  • Messages solely devoted to humor

Neither RUSA, the RUSA Board, the RUSA MARS LSAS, nor the administrators of the blog’s host site can verify the content of postings for accuracy or be held accountable for message content. Parties submitting messages to the RUSA blog bear sole responsibility and liability for the content of their postings.

Who can post to RUSA’s Blog?

Posting privileges are restricted to RUSA members who have requested to become registered authors. If you would like to become a registered writer, register an account on the RUSA Blog using the link on the front page, then contact Andrea Hill.

Who can read and comment on postings in the RUSA Blog?

Posts and comments on the RUSA Blog are viewable by anyone on the Internet. To write a comment, however, you must register an account using the link on the front page. Registration is free and open to the public.

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