Digitization Projects for Local History (RUSA-HS)

The Local History Committee of RUSA's History Section has recently discussed creating a list of digitization projects with content for local history. Librarians could add to the list, refer patrons to the list, and help our committee keep the list current.

All History is Local in a Digital World. Our program at ALA Annual in 2007 launched the content for this blog. Join us in the discussion and development of listing the digital projects.

The program on Sunday, June 24, 2007 had three presentations. Susan L. Malbin, Senior Program Officer, Office of Library Services, Institute of Museum & Library Services was our moderator. The presentations featured:

Nancy Allen (nancy.allen@du.edu), Dean & Director, Penrose Library University of Denver. Her topic was a “Collaborative Digitization Program.” See http://www.cdpheritage.org

Judy Graves (jgrav@loc.gov), Digital Projects Coordinator, Library of Congress. Her topic was “The American Memory and the National Digital Newspaper Project.” See http://memory.loc.gov

Erich Kesse (kesse@ufl.edu), Director of the Digital Library Center, University of Florida. His topic was “Using the Map Interface as a Visual Layer for Research in Local History.” See http://www.uflib.ufl.edu/ufdc