Anthony Doerr and Bryan Stevenson Awarded the 2015 Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction

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The eagerly anticipated announcements  of the Andrew Carnegie Medals for Excellence in Fiction and Nonfiction took place on June 27, 2015 at the American Library Association’s annual conference in San Francisco. Anthony Doerr, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel All The Light We Cannot See was awarded the Carnegie medal for fiction, and Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy, was awarded the Carnegie medal for nonfiction.

The Carnegie Medals are ALA’s only single-book award for adult trade fiction and nonfiction, cosponsored by Booklist and RUSA. For more information about the awards and selection committee, visit

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RUSA’s plan for continuity (An important message from RUSA’s President)

Dear RUSA members,

I am writing to let you know about RUSA’s plan for continuity of leadership following the recent resignation of RUSA 2015-2016 President Liane Taylor. At the ALA Annual Conference, RUSA Board unanimously passed two motions which will ensure consistent leadership for the association. The first motion states that as 2015-2016 Vice President/President Elect, my term moves forward one year and I become President for 2015-2016 immediately. This action is consistent with the RUSA Bylaws, which state that in the case of a vacancy in the Presidential position the Vice President will fill the President’s term.  I’m happy to take on the role of President a year early and look forward to working with all of you, with RUSA Board and with the RUSA staff.

The second motion calls for a special election to be held as soon as possible for a new Vice President/President Elect for 2015-2016, who will then serve as President for 2016-2017.  While the Bylaws do not require that the office of Vice President be filled right now, RUSA Board feels strongly that a Vice President for 2015-2016 is needed to ensure that all responsibilities of elected positions are met over the next three years and that RUSA has consistent representation within ALA’s leadership structure.  Logistics for this special election are still being determined but will be announced soon.  We welcome nominations.  To nominate someone, please contact Kathleen Kern, chair of the Nominating Committee, at

As the new RUSA President, I welcome hearing your thoughts on the future of our association and your needs as members.  My priority over the coming year will be to implement our new Strategic Plan, which I was lucky to work on last year as chair of our strategic plan task force.

Again, I welcome your ideas.  Feel free to contact me any time at

Warm Wishes,

Anne Houston
Director of Teaching, Learning & Research, Smith College Libraries

President, Reference & User Services Association 

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The Summer 2015 issue of Reference and User Services Quarterly—RUSQ—is now available!

The Summer 2015 issue of Reference and User Services QuarterlyRUSQ—is now available!

Get all the details here:

Need help accessing RUSQ? Details are at the RUSA website:

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Transition Plan in development for RUSA Vice-President/President-Elect

Good afternoon RUSA members,

I want to make you aware that the RUSA Board of Directors is working on developing a transition plan regarding an opening in our position of RUSA Vice-President/President-Elect for 2014-2015, RUSA President for 2015-2016, and RUSA Past President for 2016-2017.  Susan Hornung (RUSA Executive Director) and I received an email from Liane Taylor on Thursday, June 4th making us aware that she needed to resign as our current RUSA Vice President/President Elect.  Susan and I immediately began reviewing our RUSA Bylaws and Susan has contacted ALA’s parliamentarian, Eli Mina, for his interpretation and advice regarding our options.  

Though we have a short timeline between now and the ALA Annual Conference, the RUSA Board is developing a plan that will allow for a smooth transition and will position RUSA to be able to immediately begin doing the work to support our new Strategic Plan.  I’m confident that we will quickly find a very workable solution and I wanted to make sure that you all are also aware of what’s happening.  We’ll keep you updated as we have more information.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions. 

I also would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to read our new RUSA Strategic Plan for July 2015 – June 2018.  I’ve provided an introduction to the plan in the Spring 2015 RUSA Update, which can be found at: 

The full Spring 2015 issue of RUSA Update can be found here, which highlights many of the ALA Annual Conference activities that will be taking place across the sections and the association: 

Thanks so much, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing many of you soon in San Francisco!


Joseph Thompson

RUSA President 2014-2015

Thompson at



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