He means business: Q&A with RUSA BRASS representative

Over the next several weeks we will be highlighting members of RUSA’s Board of Directors. Take a minute and get to know our fantastic leaders!

Meet Andy, RUSA BRASS Representative. He means business. Have questions for Andy? Feel free to contact him at the email address listed at the end of this post.

Andy Spackman
Business and Economics Librarian
Brigham Young University

Andy Spackman
Andy Spackman

What are you currently reading or listening to?
Reading David Brin’s Existence and listening to Goldfrapp.

What is the most interesting “reference” question you’ve ever been asked? (reference in quotes to allow for some flexibility in answering the question)
“Do you know who I am?” – asked by the football team’s starting quarterback during a reference interview when he realized I was going to teach him how to use the research databases for himself.

Tell us about your current role at your library, and maybe a little bit about your career path, too.
I’m the liaison to the Marriott School of Management and the Department of Economics, handling instruction, reference, and collection development. I also chair the library’s web team. I started my career in ILL, then managed Circulation, then midway through my MBA program decided I wanted to stay in libraries after all, so I got my MLS too.

Describe a particularly rewarding experience in your library career.
Every time I hear the business faculty endorse me to their students I feel warm and fuzzy.

Give one fun fact about yourself—can be personal or professional.
I recently crossed a depressing threshold that snuck up on me: my students are younger than the car I drive.

Any hobbies?
Reading. Writing. Dragging my wife and five kids into the wilderness and forcing them to hike up mountains.

Why did you join RUSA (and/or sections)? How has RUSA helped you in your career? What are some of the RUSA activities you’ve participated in?
BRASS has been a focal point in my career, both because of what I’ve gained for my own professional development (starting all the way back in one of Celia’s BizRef101 courses) and because of the opportunities I’ve had to contribute. I’ve been a program chair, a presenter for the MBA in a Day preconference, and now the BRASS Chair. But my favorite thing has always been sitting in the discussion groups and soaking in the fact that I’m not alone.

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